Château de Puisssentut dates back to the 12th Century. From the 16th Century the noble and well connected de Sariac family owned the Château for several generations, until they were forced to flee to Spain during the French Revolution.

Originally it was the manor house of the village of Puissentut. It became a château when it was fortified, possibly to keep out the English during the 100-Years War or perhaps, because the De Sariacs were Huguenots, to fend off the Catholics during the Wars of Religion. When the Protestant faith was banned in the late 17th Century the then Sengor de Sariac converted to Catholicism in order to retain his land and title while his sisters fled to England.

The village has long since disappeared (it is not known why) and the Château probably would have too if an English couple had not bought it and begun its restoration in the 1990s. They gradually rebuilt a wing of the château over an 18-year period. Then it was bought by us - Angela Wood and Dirk Karel de Geus - and we completed its restoration and transformed it into a retreat centre and venue in 2013.