Would you like a chateau for a week and to support people with cancer?

You can do so by becoming a business member of Puyssentut. Taking out an annual membership gives you:

  • full, exclusive use of the facilities at Chateau de Puissentut for up to 20 people for one week (including catering), for your business meeting, personnel or client event;
  • during the year you may send up to two people with or recovering from cancer to a Puyssentut retreat;
  • satisfaction that your membership makes it possible for us to host more Puyssentut retreats and therefore benefit more people who have suffered from cancer.

Puyssentut retreats are specifically for people with or recovering from cancer. During a retreat guests benefit from daily yoga and meditation sessions, complementary treatments, workshops, a tranquil environment in which to rest and relax, and delicious, nutritious food.

Puyssentut retreats are not an alternative but a complement to standard medical treatments. While doctors and nurses take care of the cancer we take care of the person by providing a supporting, nurturing space in which people can recover from the illness and its treatment. We help people back on their feet and back into daily life.

After a stay at Puyssentut guests return home and back to work feeling more confident, stronger, more energetic, better focussed and happier:

“I feel that my core energy has returned. ” Joanna

“After my week at Puyssentut I felt so happy, so calm, so alive, so held, so ready.” Zoe

“I regained the relationship with my body. I love my body for the fist time in 6 months. My spirit is stronger. I see this as a good start for changing my life.” Ingeborg

“I feel rested, calm and happy.” Lorna

“My week at Puyssentut, the care, the treatments, mixed in with so much laughter has restored me into being who I used to be. With more physical energy, emotional strength and, above all, hope for my future.” Rosie

“My week working at Puyssentut has been a wonderful experience” Helen (Stress Coach and Change Management Coach)

For more information please visit Puyssentut.org

If you would like to become a member or receive more details please contact us using the 'contact us' form on this page or by writing to info@chateaudepuissentut.com.


Supporting and nurturing your workforce

Do you have people working for you who, because of illness or burnout, are not able to work 100%? If so, we can help by organising retreats specifically for your employees during which they:

  • benefit from a tranquil, beautiful space where they can rest, unwind and recuperate
  • can participate in activities and enjoy treatments that help them to relax and revitalise
  • enjoy tasty food which helps to detoxify the body, strength the immune system and generally supports a return to good health
  • are supported back into work by our highly experienced business and life coaches (either using our own team of coaches or your in-house professionals)
  • learn tools to apply in their daily lives that support good health, staying relaxed and maintaining a balanced outlook

Retreats can be held over a weekend or through the week and can run from 3-7 days.

If you would like to talk with us further about how we can help you to support your staff please contact us using the 'contact us' form on this page or by writing to us at info@chateaudepuissentut.com